“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”
~ Vincent Van Gogh

Who and what is Creative-U?

…the answer is simple … YOU 🙂

Each and everyone of us has an abundance of talents locked away inside of ourselves, which we typically neglect to explore or discover, due to lack of time or our lack of self-confidence. If we allow ourselves this discovery process, we will shine a light on our inner confidence, peace, and our happiness, and thus, we are excited to introduce to Czech Republic, Creative-U and our concept of inspirational painting, a process of self-discovery and relaxation, all conducted in interesting and relaxing settings where you can engage with your inner self or other like minded souls, re-connecting with one of the most organic experiences that we all engaged in as children; painting.
In one of our carefully chosen atmospheric settings, our Creative-U Pro-Artists will guide you brush stroke by brush stroke, towards creating your own personal masterpiece. No previous experience with painting is required.
Something truly wonderful occurs when a group of positive thinking and open-minded people get together and feel free to have fun with perhaps a glass of wine in one hand and brush and paints in the other…. As adults with everyday routine chores and busy lives, we often forget how important is to feel free and creative, which is proven to be beneficial to our mind, our spirit and most importantly to our health. 
The Creative-U goal is that after an experience of painting, relaxation and self-discovery, you will walk away feeling more clam and confident, and with a work of art you take home for just you or for others to enjoy: an artwork that tells a story more than the just the brush strokes themselves.
The duration of the painting will be about 2 hours with a 20 minutes break. The time allows for you to complete your work, mingle with others and enjoy the all the other masterpieces. All painting supplies including canvas, paints, brushes, easels, as well as one glass of wine beer or soft drink, and small snacks, are included in your price.
Everything will be ready for you in advance; you just turn up and paint your picture, which you will take home with you.
Come and enjoy with us a beautiful afternoon. Bring your husband, wife, sister, grandparents, parents, friends, children… anyone!
We look forward to seeing you…
Team Creative-U.


Attention, please!

There is a little change in our painting schedule, in October we will be painting on Tuesday instead of Saturday. Painting will be held at the same place, on Tuesday 19.10. at 17:30 pm. We look …

Discover Creative-U!

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Our Team

Our pro Creative-U painters are excited to meet you!
Jarmila Valičková
Janos Vamos
Matouš Kašpar


It was absolutely amazing experience! It was my first time ever doing this and I had a blast.
Painters were super helpful and it was fun for everyone. I would totally recommend
anyone to come and try. I´ll be back again!

Anna V.

Inspirational and experiential painting

Why Select Us?

Our mission is to bring art in a fun way with extraordinary customer service to all people. Come and paint. Come and have some wine. Come and have fun. Cheers!

Our events are more about the “experience” than an art class. Yes, you will create art but we are so much more than that.

We are your place to recharge with friends, to laugh and let loose in a comfortable, inviting space, to rekindle romance. You will experience by yourself that people come to us not only because of our art, but because of how we make them feel.

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