Why choose Creative-U painting for your next teambuilding event?

Is it time for you to plan your next team-building event?

Why not try something different for your corporation, business or team, instead of the usual sporting activities like bowling, paintball etc.

At Creative-U we specialize in team building art events for corporations both big and small. Our Creative-U professional painters will lead the team brush stroke by brush stroke to create their own individual masterpieces.

Painting is not competitive; it’s relaxing and cerebral. Sports games and team-building competitions can sometimes frustrate and divide employees who are already struggling with competitiveness and cliques. Painting is a leisurely activity that doesn’t divide your team into groups or set anyone up to be winners and losers, instead it allows individuals to tap into a creativity they have often forgotten about.

At Creative-U the environment is designed to be relaxing, encouraging, and supportive.

While some individuals maybe nervous about how good their artwork is, we emphasize the fact that everyone’s style is different and unique and there are no expectations other than to relax and enjoy the process. Painting classes are also, a unique way to show your employees you care about their mental wellbeing and creativity.

Everything is provided for you, from aprons, canvas, easels, brushes, paints to all other supplies. We will also arrange drinks and snacks. All your team has to do is to show up.

Write us an email and we will prepare everything for you according to your expectations.

Don´t hesitate to contact us we are flexible and happy to fulfill your expectation.